Writing Promt 3 – A Tattoo

This is one of the post that shows I don’t always finish the prompts in the same order of setting them up.


Do you have a tattoo?  what is it and why did you get it?  If not, would you ever get one?  What would the tattoo be, and what would it symbolize to you?

On June 26, 2015 I received my first tattoo.   It was something I had been considering for years but had not been able to decide on what it would be.  I just couldn’t think of something that I wanted to put on my body forever.   I knew it would be related to gaming in some fashion but what would have meaning enough to put it on skin.   I was also hesitant because I didn’t know what my pain threshold would be.  I didn’t want to start something that I would not be able to finish.

I love dice.   I do not think that is clear enough.  I LOVE DICE.  If a boardgame is based on a dice mechanic.  Games like Castle Dice, Alien Frontiers, and Marvel Dice Masters (a collectible constructible dice game – Think Magic the gathering but with dice….it was gamer crack for me)

I also  have an addiction to obtaining as many dice as possible.   I have a huge collection that has grown through the years of roleplaying games.   I think the count is somewhere over 300 last time I actually counted.  I have decorative dice that are for show and not play.  It is connected to my hobby of choice and I love my collection.   One night I was thinking of something totally random and the thought came to me.  What if the dice were similar to a yin-yang symbol.  If they were designed to show the extremes of fate and chance.   That is when the design idea came to mind.   I loved it and could imagine it being on my body for a while.

That began my search for an artist that could reproduce what was in my head.  I found Daniel at DandyLand tattoo.  I pitched the initial concept, warning him that this was my first tattoo so I didn’t know what all was involved.   He asked some clarifying questions, improving on my initial concept and by the time we were done I was confident he would be the right artist.   We set up a time for the ink and I left.    I came back about a month later to view his final design and have the tattoo done.  It was amazing.  It captured what I wanted.   My design had two D20’s (20 sided dice), 1 showing a 1 and the other showing a 20.  These show the extremes of odds one can get in a roll.  It is the worst and best outcome in each roll.  Options of everything in between exist as possibilities.    The dice are surrounded , one by fire and the other by water – two other extremes and opposites.  This is all placed over my left shoulder/ chest area.

First to me, this tattoo symbolizes the goods and bad experiences I have had within the game.  Within the narrative of the game positive and negative events happen to the character directly and in the story around them.  They have to respond to this drama within the confines of the rules, and the story that develops.

Second it also symbolizes my own personal experiences of gaming.  Roleplaying has come and gone then returned throughout the years.  There were years that I could not game because of limited access to people who shared interest.  Also a time period when my children were very young and my attention needed to be focused on them.  Then the present (2015) due to online video conferencing software, I almost have too many games.  The online setup has allowed me to find like minded gamers regardless of physical distance from each other.

Back to the tattoo, people ask if I will get another tattoo, and the answer is YES!  After the fear of pain was gone I was more willing to give some other designs a try.

1st tattoo-6-26-15

I plan to have a dragon (another of my loves) placed on my calf.  Possibly a browncoat flag / badge on my shoulder. But of course these all cost money.  So it is a slow process.  Maybe one a year would be a good rate.   So now I off to plan what and when to get my next one.