A Sharknado Fiasco

We did a thing.  A friend of mine (Brice Coolen) and I decided


File link below

to write a Fiasco playset for one of our favorite series of movies – Sharknado.  It was just something to do at first, almost a joke. Shortly into it we caught our groove and   began to seriously fill out the necessary info.   To all who have played Fiasco, enjoy the playset addition to the community.  If you have not played Fiasco, why not?

If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain.   It is a great roleplaying game created by Jason Morningstar.  You can check it out at the Bully Pulpit website.  The players create their characters, items, locations and character needs by going around the table and using some dice rolled up at the start of the game.   Once everyone has these facts established then the fun begins.   Each player takes a turn setting a scene, selecting who will be in the scene with them and roleplaying it out until it comes to a “natural” positive or negative conclusion.   It continues around the table multiple times until everything becomes an amazing mess of a story.   This is obviously a simplistic explanation and you need to ready the rules to truly understand how to play it.

I have played out the playset twice with two different groups and both times the story was wildly different but still hilarious each time.   Enjoy the playset with all the craziness that the movies themselves provided as well as Fiasco.

Shaknado – The Playset (Download and Enjoy)