Writing Prompt 4 – A Free Kiss

Writing Prompt 4 – Unusual Item – A Free Kiss

I know the danger of numbering these prompts as I begin to create them is that it reveals my scattered mentality.  That I bounce around on various topics as the mood compels me.   I do not know if that is a negative thing and it may not even be different than other writers.   I was going to hold onto this one for a while longer, maybe release it near Valentines day.  Since I have not posted anything in over a week,  I decided it was best to put this one out instead of the blog going stagnant.    I hope to have some more stuff finished before Thanksgiving vacation hits.

Writing Prompt for today : Describe one odd item that you have in your purse or wallet right now

Back in around 1992, when I was still living in Houston, before my wife and I were married.  We were still dating.  She was in San Antonio and I was in Houston attending the Art Institute of Houston.  It was a long distance relationship but through many long distance phone calls, letters and visits to San Antonio we made it work.

One time during my stay, I attended the local Renaissance Fair and picked up a card at one of the many stalls in the fair.  It was a simple business card with a parchment tan color that simply said :

“This card entitles the bearer to
One Free Kiss
from any willing man, woman or beast.”

I gave it to my girlfriend at the time (destined to become my beautiful wife) the next time I visited her in San Antonio.  I remember telling her about the Renaissance Fair, I think I had told her already in a letter but she was patient listening to it again.  Then I reached out of my wallet and handed the card to her, asking for my free kiss.   Then she kept it to ask for her free kiss the next time I saw her.  The next year we went through trading it back and forth every time we saw each other. The bearer would get their kiss then pass the card to the other person.   It was silly but it was our thing.

Through the years, it has still gotten passed back and forth, although less often but it is still a thing we do.  I smile every time I see the now bent and slightly ‘beat up’ One Free Kiss card.  In fact, I think it’s time to go get my kiss.