Exercise 10-4 : The Five Auditions

First anyone noticing the numbering of the exercises will notice that 10.3 is missing.  That is because I am following the episode numbers. Apparently the 3rd episode every month is going to be a Q&A episode and thus has no practical exercise that relates to the story development.  They have opted to have a writing prompt that is independent of the ongoing story development exercises.  While I have noted the writing prompt and have it in my queue of post to write it is on a lower priority than the story development post are.  Thus I am moving on to 10.4 the next in the story based exercises.

The writing exercise for today is to take one of the ideas I am excited about, and then audition five different characters for the lead role in that story. Make sure they’re all different from each other.

The idea I settled on was …

Samantha is an uncontrolled monster underneath the surface. At one time she tried to remove this evil inside but no more.  She is tired of fighting it and now is embracing it regardless of the consequences.  Will her friends be able to stand against the monster that hunts them or even survive the pending doom. Scott does not even realize that his fiance spends her nights out hunting prey and slaughtering them.

So I must audition characters for the role of Samantha.  I will use different names just to keep the concepts straight in my head.  I am not entirely certain how I should “audition” the characters for the role.   I am going to go with creating a character concept and see how that would impact the story concept listed above.  I guess I need to decide who is the actual main character Samantha the monster or Scott the fiance.  Both will create a different tone of the story.  IF I go with Samantha then it is the mind of a killer more so that the survival of the friends and I am not sure if I want to delve into that.  If I follow Scott more it turns the story into a murder mystery / slasher book.  Although another idea is to from Samantha going through the changes (or flashback to when the changes began and who she started changing) then how she is now and uncaring of what she does to a possible redemption finish?   So many choices to go with.   I will go with Samantha as the story lead and see where the story will progress after I have auditioned for her role

Samantha role as played by Denise

Denise is a strong willed woman, she has always been the one who takes charge of things. Most often was the group leader for projects in school.  She didn’t want to wait on others putting things off when her grades would be affected.  She was still respectful and still would listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions but when a decision needed to be made, and no one would make it, she would.  Getting work at the ad firm was easy for the assertive person she was.  Now that these thoughts of aggression are going through her mind she has found herself snapping off comments at her co workers.  She even threatened Joseph yesterday when he brought up a counterpoint to her proposal.  That will not stand.  He cant be allowed to challenge her in front of the others like that.  Her dominance is being questioned.

Samantha role as played by Suzanne

Suzanne or Suz to some of her friends was always shy growing up.   She submersed herself in her books finding fantastic worlds that seemed better than her real life.  There were heroes who could do fantastic things, go on quest of epic proportions.  When she was in class she could never truly find her voice.   She knew when what was being done wasn’t necessarily the best option but she could never say things like that out loud.  Those type of statements lead to conflict and that wasn’t something she was accustomed to.  People like Denise obviously liked taking charge and was doing  such a good job at it, who was she to question her.  But in the last week a strange feeling was taking over.  There was the one incident when the guy in the line grabbed her butt and just smiled knowing that she wouldn’t ever do anything.  She felt so angry, more than she had ever felt.  She remember slamming the book she was reading with such sudden force its clap startled the guy briefly.  Then he stopped and turned her way smirking that infuriating pompous smirk.  He quit smiling quickly with the spine of the book slammed into the bridge of his nose with a audible crack, followed by a second then a third time.  His smile turned to a fearful surprise.   The blood flowing quite freely from his broken nose and he started running from her.  Suzanne panted heavily from the sudden exertion a smile beginning to grow on her face.  This felt good….real good

Samantha role as played by

Joseph (gender swap?) – Joseph has always been the athletic sort.  he excelled at almost everything he put his mind and body to.   He was a swimmer and cross country runner.  He even went rock climbing at one or two weekends a month.   His body was in peak physical condition.  He never had a problem with confidence either.  This week though he began to get some strange urges. Aggressive tendencies at the most random times.  He decided to increase his physical activity thinking it was just some excess stress that needed to be worked out.  That was until last night.   He was out for his run, and he remembered another runner on the path with him.  He thought he had met her on time, he thought her name was Denise.  Then he had apparently blacked out shortly after that time.  Then next thing he remembered regaining …awareness on the running path near the more heavily wooded area.   He was on his knees and covered in blood.   He looked at his hands, covered in red, still warm blood.   It wasn’t his as best as he could tell.  Then whose was it. He could even taste it in his mouth.  What was going on and why was it happening?

Samantha role as played by

Samuel (gender swap?) – Samuel is not the nicest of people.  He has always managed to get what he wanted in life.  Growing up as the only child in a wealthy family he had everything he asked for.  He was practically raised by the house staff who did not put any restrictions on him.  He got used to getting what he wanted with little effort.  And the few times he had to request it of someone not in his circle of servants, he grew skilled at feigning interest long enough for the person to help him do what he needed then he would move on from that person.   That is how it worked out in college, he could convince someone to help or even pay them to do so, then he would move on to the next class.  Then a glorious thing happened at least from his perspective.  He found that he didn’t have to cajole people to do things for him.   He had physical prowess now and could simply demand or threaten.   They saw something in his eyes that convinced them to do it or was it simply that he had the ability to convince them more thoroughly.  Either way is was much easier now and didn’t require the tedious work of befriending them anymore.  He felt this would be so much more fun.

Samantha role as played by

Rachel – Life was never good for Rachel.  Sure she grew up popular but that is just a facade.  People didn’t really like her for who she was, they liked her for how it would elevate their status by being seen with her.  Things got to feel so empty.  The doctors really just gave her medication to help her not embarrass her parents in front of their friend..  That’s why she stopped taking them.  She was tired of being what everyone wanted her to be.  She decided she would show them, she would teach them a lesson, one that they couldn’t pay enough money to hide.  She took all of the pills she had left.  It almost felt like sweet release from the stress of life.  She embraced the darkness that came for her and brought her into the blessed darkness of unconsciousness.

Then she regained consciousness after what seemed like a briefest of moments.  This couldn’t be right she thought.  I should be dead.  That is when she noticed the subtle difference.   She was infact awake and aware but she was not in control of her body.  Someone else was piloting her actions.  She screamed at the grotesque images that lay out before her.  She saw the now bloody, gore filled remains of her parents that lay on the floor.  She held a large kitchen knife.  Her body looked up into a mirror and she saw her body standing there, covered in the blood of her parents.  And she did not recognize the eyes that stared back at her.


I like Samuel the best.  I feel like I could get the most story out of him as he is at the moment.   It would be interesting seeing him fall into this trap of the monster taking over.  Him blacking out more and scared of the loss of control over his body.   Would that drive him mad?  Is he already?   How would he ever get out of the downward spiral?  Things that need to be answered.

I have to say that I do NOT like Samuel and am not sure if i could write him with the maliciousness I think he would deserve.  I know it would alter the story in such a way that he would not be the protagonist for long.  It would have to be a story about everyone else surviving him.  I dont know if I could do a long story like that, maybe just a short story.

I am also intrigued and fearful to find out more about Rachel.   It might be interesting to explore that darker side of this story idea since there is a glimmer of hope since Rachel is still present even if she is trapped.

Wow.  This exercise ended in places I did not see coming.  I like the story ideas that are growing and hopefully will continue.  I was apparently misread this prompt with I first looked at it because I somehow did not think it continued the stories I have in front of me.  I am truly glad it did keep building these thoughts.  I am excited where this writing journey is taking me.