Exercise 10.2 – Developing the 5 ideas

Exercise 10.2 – Five Idea development

I am now charged with taking the previous 5 ideas and altering them in certain ways to hopefully develop and improve them.   I do not think the improving will be all that hard since the ideas were a bit weak, granted they were my first choices.   I am excited to see how these develop even further as the exercises progress.  Some of the revised ideas has me really excited on how much more I can / will do to it until it becomes an actual story.

Using last week’s five story ideas (or five new ones):

  1. Take two of them and combine them into one story.
  2. Take one and change the genre underneath it.
  3. Take one and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it
  4. Take the last one and have a character make the opposite choice.

The original two ideas were :

Tech support for non traditional tech support calls.  From the point of view of a tech support operator Samuel Williams, who receives calls for … surgeon having difficulty accessing his equipment.  An agent unable to activate his spy gear…. Or even a tech support for people’s memories.  They can not do a task due to a memory “glitch” and must have the tech support person access and ‘unlock’ those memories/skills/training.  Samuel must work through these tech calls rebooting the individual’s mind.  It is not until he gets a serious situation (undercover agent?) who is depending on the frequent reboots to save his life.  The frequent caller is being targeted by someone who is erasing his memory.


A man who was part of a heist that was successful now has no memory of the job or even who he is.   The unfortunate part for him is that the targets of the heist are now after him and he does not understand why.  He still has his muscle memory for fighting and skullduggery but is trying to quickly find out why.   He is seeking help from sources he did not know existed and people he does not really know.

Combining those two become

A con man just finished a heist..  Unfortunately for him, he was the face-man and had the most upfront interaction with the targets. During the escape he was hit with some kind of technology that erased his memory.  He woke up in his hotel room wondering who he is, why he has a ton of money and why people are now trying to kill him.  The only thing he has in his pocket is a business card for Memory Support, a tech support for your brain.  He begins to work through the process with Ellie, his support advisor.

For my second task I take one of my ideas and change the genre underneath it. I have chosen to take my second idea listed below and alter it from a fantasy genre in a past era into a near future sci-fi genre.  This was a struggle on this idea to what other genre I could do with my heavily magic / fantasy inspired concept.   I think I could do similar things with what I want with future technology.

The original idea is

A wizard or superpowered person has the ability to create things by spoken / written word.  It must be described in great detail to allow for it to come into being.  Then something that already exist must be sacrificed to bring the new item into being.  This is not known by the caster (or is known but not told to the apprentice).  He is also struck with the inability to speak and must pass on his knowledge to an apprentice.  He struggles to teach the apprentice how to cast without the ability to speak.

It became …

Joshua is the new intern at Williams Intellectual Technologies Systems (WITS) Labs. He is pleased to be working on the new project.  It is a technology that will allow the used to disassemble matter and re assemble it in another fashion.   It is being lauded as the answer to pollution and disease.  Along the way he discovers that there are side effects to the perfect technology.  There is a exchange rate loss in mass.  Also the energy spent to power this is not as minimal as initially thought.  It could be devastating to the energy resources.  Why do the higher ups not see this? Or is he mistaken.

Next I need to take and idea and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it.  This was interesting in that I initially had a girl in her late teens and now I had a pre-teen boy.  It apparently altered the vaguely horror tone that I had into a mischievous juvenile fiction type of concept, with little to no horror elements.

Originally I had the thought of:

Have you ever walked a wooded path in a park and felt as if someone was watching?  Have you ever sat under a tree in a park and heard a strange noise and just assumed it was a small animal that you could not see?  There is some truth in this, it was something you could not see but an animal it was not.  Wooded gnomes do exist and they are not the cute little creatures you see in the gardens across America. You should be more cautious considering what they are after.  One teen girl is the target of these creatures but they only want to protect her since she is their queen who was stolen long ago.  They want to bring her back but only after she is ready.

The age and gender change altered the story concept into …

Johnny, age 12, is always in trouble.  He is the one who gets blamed when something in the house gets blamed, even if he did not touch it.  Something goes missing and is found in his room somehow, no one believes him that he never took it.  None of it is his fault. He never understood why this was happening until recently.  Apparently it has been the doings of the gnomes underneath his bed.   Of course his parents or older sister do not believe him.  Now they are calling him Lord Prince, they say he is the rightful ruler of the kingdom.(why ? what happened?)   He can apparently rule it any time his wishes.   What would he want a kingdom for, he’s only twelve!  How does he get these gnomes to leave him alone.

Finally in the fourth task I have my character make the opposite choice.  This cause the story that was sorta paranormal / urban fantasy transform into a murder / slasher flick motif containing elements of a willing descent into darkness and more focus on the friends instead of the one doing the transforming.

The original idea states:

A Dr Jekel / Mr Hyde type story.   A woman who has a SOMETHING (demon, evil, wolf, supernatural power) inside her.   She is doing everything to live normally.   She wants to get rid of it but it is fighting back, fighting to be the dominant power.  The fight is for her body and soul.  Can she win this fight? Will she have to admit what she is to others to gain their help or can she solve this by herself?

It became :

Samantha is an uncontrolled monster underneath the surface. At one time she tried to remove this evil inside but no more.  She is tired of fighting it and now is embracing it regardless of the consequences.  Will her friends be able to stand against the monster that hunts them or even survive the pending doom. Scott does not even realize that his fiance spends her nights out hunting prey and slaughtering them.

Because I have read ahead it seems that I might not be developing these ideas directly in future exercises so now I have to choose which one I want to develop more separate from the exercise activities.  So many options…