Descriptive Exercise #1 – Dice

As I read through the Word Painting book, it has a few exercises I can do.  This is my first one.  I obviously need a bit more practice with this, but this blog isnt about perfection.   It is about the journal to where ever this leads me.    Enjoy my first attempt.

The over-sized six-sided (D6) die is approximately 1.5 inches cubed.  Its material is a rock that shows layers of earth much like a geological sample from the Grand Canyon.  Its colors ranging from all shades of brown with a light stone grey on the top surface of the die.  This is also the side that shows 6 red pips in its surface.   The die is polished in such a way that is reflects the light with a dulled shine.   It has a smoothed surface yet has the faintest of texture remaining. This texture giving the stone die a subtle wood texture to the surface.  A crack on the side of the four surface winds its way up until stopping just before the six side.  The pips of two through five are colored in black while the one and six are colored in red.  The die also has some significant weight. It thuds to one side when tipped, giving the feel of the boulder that chased Indiana Jones only smaller.   Subtle imperfections cover the surface, some of the pips not being perfectly round. Its circumference marred with chips and jagged edges as if worn through years of erosion.   This only appears on the one side, making one wonder what made this side show more wear than the others.  The other pips are in their respective parts yet not correctly aligned,  It gives everything the feel of something handmade, each pip being hand drilled into the surface manually. This is not the work of a precise computer but the loving hands of someone crafting this die with their own skill.


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