I wish I had paid more attention when…

Another writing prompt today.  I don’t think this is what the author of the prompts had in mind but this is where my mind went to.  When the Muse comes I must obey.

“I wish I had paid more attention when….”

You know how you can look over your life and the choices you have made. I don’t mean the whole life flashing before your eyes sort of thing, but more of a introspective view.  Well what I most regret is not paying attention during the countless hours of roleplaying end of the world games.  Those scenarios had some useful tips and techniques that could have proved useful right now.   

The metal pole drove deeply into the eye socket of the zombie with a satisfying “KA-THUNK”.  The zombie stopped its approach immediately, collapsing to the ground.  Another of the undead had fallen.

Had I paid attention I would have noticed that this location was a perfect ambush setting.  I don’t mean that Zombies think strategy and tactics but there were a lot of blind spots I didn’t consider when I came down here for supplies.  Blind spots that apparently held scores of Zombies milling about out of sight.  Zombies that were all too happy to show themselves when they got a whiff of living human walking around….whistling.

Another zombie dropped to the ground as all automatic brain functions ceased.  The twenty-three remaining mindless carnivores shambled closer, reaching for their prey, moaning.

Some more attention to those games could have told me that my current supplies were really sufficient.  Any more was clearly just indulgence.  Seriously how many cans of beans does one really need  at one time. Do I really think there will be a rush on the Super Mart on aisle 7?  Heeding advice on encumbrance charts would have pointed out that adding more weight reduced my speed and increased my bulkiness. All of this significantly limited my options of escape.

Two more of the undead worked through the narrow opening to encounter their final moments.  The sharpened pole KA-THUNKED its targets, ending their life for the second and final time.

Then of course there is all the combat strategy I could be employing.  One does not simply walk into a Zombie infested Super Mart.  Hey I really did know these things but I just grew lax with how good the past few weeks have been.  I let my guard down, yet another lesson forgotten.  

A zombie slowly approached from behind, drawn here by the noise of a struggle at the main entrance.  Two more creatures struggled to push through the revolving door and gain entrance to the building.  Decaying arms reached through an opening they had created by sheer force of numbers.  The door was rotating open then rotating closed like a see-saw in a child’s playground.  The lone human struggled as he fought to keep the door closed.This  prevented him from noticing the zombie approaching.  As it arrived its target and bit down on the meaty part of the neck.  A terrified scream followed by the victim falling to the ground.   Within seconds the horde swarmed and fell on to the human, eager to join the new buffet.

Oh yeah  I never really understood the whole mechanics of grappling.  I guess no one really did.  I wish I had paid more attention when ….

~The End~


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