What do you look forward to every week?

Here is another writing prompt.  I think I may have actually kept this one on its original topic.

“What do you look forward to every week?”

My first response would have to be my Friday night online roleplaying group.   This is a group of guys and gal that I started playing with over three years ago as of this writing.  It may have been even longer but time & memory are not my friends.  I decided to respond to a post on a forum for the Serenity RPG (Role Playing Games), the classic cortex version not the new updated rules re-released as Firefly.  This started a two year campaign that I count among my most favorite game ever played.  We have since started rotating GMs (gamemasters) to help avoid GM burnout.   We meet weekly and run games on a bi-weekly schedule with one GM taking week 1 and the second GM taking week two.  It is an amazing setup and among my highest point during the week.

We have never met face to face but play exclusively online via Google Hangout video conference setup.  It has its problems from time to time but this technology has enabled me to get back into gaming regularly after a long hiatus.  This also allows a group of gamers from different sides of the U.S. to get together and roleplay.  Sometimes even other sides of the world in other games I get to jump into to occasionally.

But wait that was my “first response” which implies there is a second.   My second choice would be my other sessions of roleplaying during the week.  I have two groups that meet on Wednesday in a bi-weekly setup much like my Friday night group, although this makeup is different.  The first is a longstanding Wednesday game that I have had for over 6 years with a few buddies of mine.  It has ranged in between two and six players through out the years as people came and left.   About four years ago we were left with one player and me to Gm, not an appealing option.  This lead to me inviting my twelve year old son to join us.  He had been anxious to play more games like he had done with his sisters.  This allowed him to play with the ‘grown-ups”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him we weren’t very grown up. I started leading him and my friend through some games every two weeks.   After some time I weaved in a few of my Friday night friends to join us via webcam and Hangouts.  This became a regular thing that the five of us began to play.   The other Wednesday group on ‘week two’ is completely online.  They have a very different dynamic.   We average about six players (including me) and play for a shorter time due to the later start time.   It is a weekday game and we have two people on the West coast and one on the East.   I think the makeup of the group combined with the shorter time has lead these games to be a bit less serious.   It doesn’t take long before games to break out in laughter, pun wars in chat among other hijinx and shenanigans.  It is fun.  We do tend to play games that are lighter on the rules and many that are GM-less.  This allows us the casual flexibility to fit our time frame and lack of seriousness.   We usually fill these weeks with one-shot and mini-campaigns averaging about 4-5 sessions.  It is a different tone in the group and I like that, especially the ease in which we can bounce to different systems.

So my most anticipated event during the week are the three separate roleplaying groups on two different nights. So I look forward to pretending to be someone else in a made up world doing amazing and impossible things.  What does that say about me?   I guess that is a topic for another day.


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