ASAP grows up

I just finished my first story arc in the upcoming MASKS game. This was a game I have been anxious to play ever since I heard from a friend that this existed.  We all the shameless comments and whining apparently paid off. I got to play.  It was only 4 sessions but it was a blast.  It also looks like we will get to revisit the group again.  That leads me to why I am posting this as a writing exercise as well as a reminder of what happened when we restart.  I enjoyed ASAP and look forward to getting back to him at some point.

To give a bit of background ASAP is Jesse Sanders a hero fanboy that didn’t realize he was going to inherit powers as part of a legacy.  He has gained superspeed and is loving the life he now leads.  Of course some of this wont make sense unless you have watched the actual play videos on Rich Rogers channel here .  He is the master GM that lead us through this amazing journey.

Asap grows up – my first story arc of MASKS
“From ASAP’s point of view”

July 25
It has been a while since I made some journal entries and I think it’s over due.   First, I found out that I am going to be a FREAKING SUPERHERO!!  Apparently it is a family tradition that the first born in my dad’s family is given a ring.  The ring then gives the person superpowers.  It is different with every one who puts it on.  I get to try it on tomorrow

July 26
It’sreallycool.Itriedmyringonthismorning,andIgotsuperspeed….sorry.  I am still getting the hang of this. Ok I tried the ring on and was given super speed.   I mean this is so awesome.  I get to carry on my family legacy.  I am not entirely sure what that means but dad is going to start training me tomorrow.

July 29
Wow I hurt everywhere.  My dad has been running me through training and teaching of my duties as part of this legacy.   I have been just crashing on my bed as soon as I finished the training.   This is still cool, even if it hurts.  He has taught me that I need to uphold my legacy in a positive fashion.

  • I must uphold Justice.
  • I must protect the citizens of the city
  • I must spread the news of what we are doing to others.

There is a lot that I have to do.  A lot of responsibility.  I am not entirely sure if I can handle it

Aug 4
I get to go to Hope Prep!  I mean it makes sense now that I am a superhero but I didn’t even consider this.  This will be so cool!   All the heroes that teach there, and all the students have powers.  It will be fun to meet everyone.   I totally need to play this cool though.  I dont need to geek out AT ALL.   This is high school so it will not be a good thing.

Aug 13
I had to go to Technocrats parole hearing.  I mean it is just a formality at this point since he is not getting out but apparently they still need to evaluate him.   My dad said that since I now carried the legacy I needed to be present.   I got so mad.   I mean he hurt my dad really bad, so bad that he lost his powers.  I couldn’t imagine losing my powers after finally getting them.   I know he misses them even if he tries not to show it.  I got so mad at Technocrat that I almost let loose on him but my dad realized what I was building up to and he told me that it wasnt worth it.

I guess the only good thing that came out of that day was wearing my costume for the first time. and even did a short interview since I was finally be announced publicly as the new hero in my families legacy.

Aug 24
We had our new student orientation today.  It was freaking awesome!  Principal Maelstrom was giving a speech and welcoming everyone.  Then the school was attacked.   I immediately jumped into the fray to help stop the guy.  It was a villain named Nexus Point.  Others joined in too.  There was this senor, I think, named Kid Ragnaroc(k).  He was so freaking cool.  He has some kind of powers that work off of electricity I think.  What is cool is that he uses them while makes music.   I would totally rock to his band if he had one.  And others like Katana, I heard she didnt even have powers but that makes her even more bad ass.  There was a tree-like girl called Pixie.  She was kinda cute too. Also a crystal looking guy.  He could change shape and stuff.   It was awesome  how we and others banded together until Captain Electron  arrived.    I mean Captain Electron. He is one of the last few local heroes that I don’t have a signature for.   Of course, I stood there like a big dufus and forgot to even ask him for a signature until it was too late.

Aug 26
First day : Roomie is Meng Men Kit.  He is pretty smart.  I think that may be his super power.

Aug 31
Well school has been going on for a few days.  We should get our team assignments today.

I can’t believe this place.  It is amazing to see some of the classes I am taking. SuperScience which will be fun. I have already read the text book and I have questions for the teacher on chapter 27 so I can’t wait.  I will look forward to Physical Education since it includes some combat training.  I like what my dad is doing but it will be nice to see how others will train differently.

Sept 1
We have our team now.  I know most of them from the orientation day attack.  They all helped out so that’s cool. It means they all feel the same way about defending the public.

Sept 13
Well it was an interesting afternoon.   My team and I were out getting some ice cream and just hanging out.  They are really the only friends I have at school.   Well we were hanging out when we heard an alarm at the casino.  Apparently there was a villain called Top Dollar and he was controlling the slot machines.  We ran in to help the citizens he was terrorizing.  We took him down in the best way.  I even got a pic or two of him to post on my blog.  Pixie got angry for some reason.

Sept 14
PRINCIPAL MAELSTROM SUCKS!!  We got called into the office and yelled at about how we were irresponsible and should have just called for help.   I think he has been out of the hero life too long and has forgotten that sometimes you CAN’T  wait.   Now we have to write a report to explain why he is right and we are wrong.  I guess I will give it a try.

Sept 15
My dad came to Hope Prep. It wasnt to visit me or wish me well in my new school or even to find out if I was ok after the thing at the casino.  Nope.  He came to gripe me out just like Maelstrom.   I mean even my dad doesn’t believe in me.   I mean I guess I see his point.  I went right after Top Dollar and didnt think about the hostages.   And I did lose control but still.  I cant just see something and run away can I ?

Sept 17
FIELD TRIP!  Man this school rocks.  We got to go visit the Silver Hall museum.  I have been there tons already but it will be fun to share this with my team.  I think they will be impressed at the Astonishing Antonio exhibit, especially when they find out it is my grandfather

Sept 18
Today didnt go so well.  First my Pixie and Laura are NOT nice they were mocking my grandfather’s exhibit.  They just dont appreciate what the Silver Saviors did for the city.   Although Quartz cheered me up a bit. He even said we could chat, he wants to hear about all the original Silver Saviors.  I have their dossiers memorized so I can tell him on the bus ride back.   Then we got attacked.  I didnt see who it was but they set off a bomb.  Thankfully we were able to get the people out safely and without too much more damage.   Pixie was awesome in how she stopped a falling statue of Cheetah.from crushing some people.  Katana made sure the kids were safe, I should have thought of that, she is so calm and cool…and cute.  Kid Ragnaroc disappeared which was odd. I will have to ask him about tha

I wonder if stupid Principal Maelstrom will tell us we should have let everyone die and get hurt while we run off and call others to help.  I just dont get it.  I have these powers for a reason and yet everyone is telling me to NOT help people.  It is the entire reason I have this is to help.  Otherwise I need to just go back and be a fanboy.

Sept 22
We are going on another trip.  This is one to Quartz homeworld.  I am going offworld for the first time!  Being a superhero is AWESOME!  I mean this trip will work out much better since there is no chance that a supervillain will attack.

Sept 23
Um apparently the legacy ring is alive!  His name (is it a he?) is Kryyx’m. Of course, he is disappointed with me as well.   I just dont know what I can do to impress these people.  I mean they are disappointed in that I did things to help people when I should have sat on the sidelines, and now I guess Kryyx’m is disappointed that I didn’t do enough?  I am actually not sure, I need to ask him or it… no definitely a him.

October 4
We had a powerball game today.  Pixie lead the team.  She did great.  She had me run in to get the other team’s “flag” so I missed most of the fight.  But that girl Hannah “Idol” totally pwned me.  AGAIN I got angry with stuff and charged in without evaluating the scene well.  I stumbled right into her trap and she froze me with her vodoo whatever.  It was embarrassing.   Then Kid Ragnaroc showed up which was cool but he knocked out Hannah as she was saying something about me being cute… at least that is what I think she was about to say.   This is so amazing that someone at the school actually likes me.

October 10
Well they announced the Winter Dance and I am nervous.  I mean who could I really ask.  I think I should try talking with Hannah since she thinks I am cute.

October 17
OhMyGod!OhMyGod!OhMyGod!  ok breath…. Jessie (Katana) and I made a deal.  She totally came up with it.  It was if we don’t have dates then we would go out together.  That is so cool.  I am not going to ask out Hannah after all. I am going to wait and go out with Jessi.

November 1
Ok so the Dance is in a few days so I am going now to ask Jessi out.  This will be awesome.   I can’t wait….

November 1 part 2.
Well I found Jessi at the training area.  She apparently had finished working out with Brit.  And well, umm Brit asked her out.  Jessie said yes, I mean of course she did.  Why wouldn’t she.  This is just not a good first year of school.  I guess it’s my own fault for waiting.   Sigh, I wonder if Hannah is still available.


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