A Fresh Start….

I was struck with some inspiration today.   I know .. from me right?    I need a place to put down all these ideas that float around in my head.   I need to get back to writing regularly like I did back in high school and college.   I really need to get busy and write my novel.

Well that is what this site will be.  My journey back into making creativity and inspiration a regular thing.   I decided to privately post it on the internet for all interested to see.  I mean who is really going to read this thing.   I guess the possibility that someone might actually do that should keep me more diligent in what I hope will become a habit.

One can hope.

So join me (or not) as I post my writing prompts, character bio’s for the various RPG’s I play, or even session summaries from the perspective of my characters.  I wonder where this will be in a year.  I am setting a calendar reminder as I type this.  Hey maybe I will see you there on October 30, 2016.


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